Products I Love

I personally love trying new products. I love trying everything from kitchen appliances and gadgets to health and beauty products. Here are a few of my favorite things that I want to share!

1. EOS Chap stick....or I guess chap egg? I was a pretty hardcore Burt's Bee's addict before I tried this, but now I can say I am an EOS addict! I love that this is not only long lasting but its also 95% organic, 100% natural and paraben free! I've spent so many years worried about what goes into my body that recently I want to be just as sure of what I am putting ON my body. So all natural is the way to go! This is the Honeysuckle Honeydew flavor and if you click on the flavor it will take you to a link on Amazon for a great deal!
2. Love & ToastHappiness Kit....OK, I know What you're thinking, the name is a little odd. I first read about this company in a magazine and figured I would give it a shot. Not only because of the great reviews, but also because of the pretty packaging AND the fact that again it is an all natural and organic product. I bought this happiness kit because for only $15 you can sample a little of each of their beauty products. You receive chap stick, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, lip scrub, sugar scrub and shower gel. I personally loved them all except the conditioner. I was also able to get quite a few samples of some of the other products this company makes and loved each and every scent that came in the mail. I highly recommend giving them a shot! The price on Amazon is the same as the actual Love & Toast website, but I like to buy everything I can on Amazon because I have free shipping with my Prime membership!


 3. Sport Headbands....These little beauties are the best investment! Don't let the sport part of the name stop you from being interested in them! I use mine for everything and everything when I want my hair out of my face and secure. I've seen a few different versions them by Lululemon and Nike but personally I'm not paying what they are asking. I turned to the wonderful world of Google and found mine on my trusted Amazon for $13. I love all the options in the colors and that the headbands are not tight and uncomfortable yet still stay in place!
Please don't mind this super creepy looking picture : )

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