Monday, July 21, 2014

Pull Apart Engagment Ring Cake

While I love posting yummy recipes on here for you guys to try I wanted to show what else I love to do. Bake and create cupcakes! I finally have some pictures of me working so I wanted to share!
This past weekend my brother and his fiance had an engagement party and I had the privilege of making a cake for them for the occasion! One thing I was most excited about with this cake was that I had free range to create whatever I wanted. I have done a few pull apart cakes before for bridal showers that are in the shape of a wedding dress but I wanted to do something different this time. I saw a picture online that someone had done of a ring and I thought that would be perfect to help celebrate their "I Do BBQ". 

Not only did I have a great weekend celebrating my brother and his fiance but it was also a fun weekend with a visit from my parents for the party! My parents live out of state but we still manage to all see each other once a month or every other month. These visits are my favorite part of the month : ) And while my parents were here my Mom was so awesome and took some pictures of me doing my cupcake thing so I could post the process on here! Thanks Mom : )

I asked my brother and his special lady to each pick out a flavor they wanted, and they settled on Funfetti and Burnt Almond cupcakes. 

When I do the pull apart cakes I always arrange the cupcakes into the shape first and situate them so they all fit together as tight as possible.
From this angle I know it doesn't look like a ring, but you'll see it if you scroll down : )
Even though most ladies today go with platinum and white gold bands, I didn't want to give this cake a silver colored band because I really wanted the ring to pop. So I mixed my frosting to create a gold band.

When I have to frost a cake with angles and lines I start with the outline and then fill it in. On this cake I frosted the diamond first so I just had to fill in the rest with the yellow frosting that created the band image. 
When I finished frosting this cake, I loved it. BUT I felt like the circle from the band left such a big space that it needed something to help with the display. I had some melting chocolates on hand so I used them to pipe the happy couples name. 
This was such a fun cake to make and such a great day with family and friends!! I think this just might be one of the top 5 favorite cakes I've done : )


  1. LOVE this! Exactly what shade of yellow paste did you use?

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